What we accept.

The works released with Cracked Jar Press are cutting-edge, contemporary, and even conventional analyses of the collective understanding of human culture, thought, and existence. For this reason, Cracked Jar Press seeks works on a myriad of disciplines and a plethora of genres, such as: psychological, social, cultural, poetic, fiction, non-fiction, spiritual, historical, philosophical, biographical, and interdisciplinary works.

The manuscripts submitted to Cracked Jar Press are required to handle the human experience in an adequate form. Only manuscripts which comment on what the essence of humanity is, how the human race interacts, and what the individual struggles of personal conflicts translates in the microcosm/macrocosm of the human family, are published. It is the mission of Cracked Jar Press to continue the production, distribution, and cultivation of works which enrich the human ancestry for eons to come.


Format and other guidelines.

Poetry: collections or chapbooks of at minimum twenty poems, literary structures or forms of emotional evoking foundations.

Collections: compilations of short stories, essays, and other forms of short, stand alone works, are acceptable. The collection must exceed two hundred pages.

Fiction:  manuscripts for full length novels, novellas, short stories, and other forms of fiction are acceptable.

Non-Fiction: manuscripts for full length novels, novellas, short stories, and other forms of non-fiction writing are acceptable.

Languages: while Cracked Jar Press does not have a program for the translation of writings, works written in languages other than English are acceptable. works translated from a language other than English to English, are also acceptable.

*Please note, for works of poetry, we ask there be at a minimum twenty poems in the collection.

*Please note, for all other works we have a minimum length as follows;

Novels: no less than ten chapters or three hundred pages, if submitted with less pages, manuscript will be treated as a novella.

Novellas: no less than fifty pages, collections of short stories should not be submitted as novellas.