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Legal Name
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Physical Address
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A selection of "no" will alert our submission team that you would not like us to proceed in considering your manuscript. Terms for consideration are as follows: Cracked Jar Press is not responsible for any manuscripts which are lost in the mail, submitted unfulfilled, or in any way violate the requirements of our submission process. Manuscripts submitted to Cracked Jar can not be returned, even if publication is offered. Cracked Jar reserves the right to decide not to pursue a work without explanation, however ALL sufficiently submitted manuscripts will receive contact whether the answer is "yes" or "no". Agreeing to these terms mandates a manuscript shall be postmarked to Cracked Jar Press, within a month's time. If this application is submitted, without a manuscript, once a month has passed you must submit a new application. Manuscripts without applications sent before receival, will NOT be eligible for consideration. Submission of this application does NOT guarantee publication by Cracked Jar. This application is NOT a publishing contract, responses from this application are NOT offers unless indicated as such. Information in this application must be as accurate as possible, however information provided is not necessarily binding.