Cracked Jar Press is a publishing company, headquartered in the epicenter of the United States.

We pride ourselves in producing works which ignite movements, comment on social ills, speak words of healing, and imprint themselves on the tapestry of time. 

Cracked Jar Press is a unique member of the creative family. We have found corporate publishing conglomerates seem to focus on producing works based on potential monetary worth, rather than quality of writing and world enrichment potential. Saddened by the literary landscape, we decided to formulate a novel form of publishing house focused on cultivating a strong literary community and molding a new generation of writers. Thus, Cracked Jar Press was consummated with cranium and creative grit. 



Cracked Jar Press publishes

the following forms and genres of literary artistry


Poetry: collections or chapbooks of at minimum twenty poems, literary structures or forms of emotional evoking foundations. 

Collections: compilations of short stories, essays, and other forms of short, stand alone works, are acceptable. The collection must exceed two hundred pages. 

Fiction:  manuscripts for full length novels, novellas, short stories, and other forms of fiction are acceptable. 

Non-Fiction: manuscripts for full length novels, novellas, short stories, and other forms of non-fiction writing are acceptable. 

*Please note, for works of Poetry, we ask there be at a minimum twenty poems in the collection. 

*Please note, for all other works we have a minimum length as follows; 

Novels: no less than ten chapters or three hundred pages, if submitted with less pages, manuscript will be treated as a novella. 

Novellas: no less than fifty pages, collections of short stories should not be submitted as novellas.